About you

A man of character with a quiet self confidence, looking to enrich himself further through experience, self improvement and an enjoyment of both the common, and the finer things in life.

Striving to excel as a person he puts others before himself regardless of whether it is beneficial for him to do so. He shows respect and a sense of pride in his self, not afraid to stand up for his values and what he believes to be “right”, he knows his own mind. Some do not understand how one can be gracious and firm, but he understands balance.

Confident with his style he is always impeccably turned out. His attire is a careful curation of clothing and accessories based on his means, the occasion and his tastes. He understands the power of clothes and the impression they make, he has some signature details that others learn to recognise in him. Clothes are used to project his personality and not to shock or show off. If he takes part in any passing trends he does so because he is interested and not because he is trying to impress others.

A man who expects a high standard of quality, value and functionality from the things he buys to the things he does. He expects as much of himself as he does others. He does not believe himself to be perfect, he recognises imperfections and takes the responsibility to improve them. Wealth and power have no relevance; money and position cannot buy class.

Although this concept is based on ‘Mister’, please know these values and character traits also apply to ‘Ms.’ It is a way of life.