The most essential accessory..

The most essential accessory..

Hats have cemented themselves as arguably the most essential accessory in a well dressed mans wardrobe, so it’s vital to get it right. Once seen as a sartorial no-no, in recent times headwear has made it's way up the fashion ranks appearing on runway shows, in editorials and onto some seriously stylish heads. From Pitti Uomo to a stroll through the park, not only is a hat a suave way to finish off an outfit in a simple yet effective way, it’s also a versatile and functional accessory appropriate in any season. Here is our breakdown of the most important pieces in your headwear collection:


Not long ago baseball caps were seemingly reserved for frat boys, truck drivers and New York Yankee fans, however combined with the influence of hip-hop figures and the 90’s fashion scene the baseball cap has become legitimately fashionable. Now often seen paired with elegant outerwear, the baseball cap is an effortless way to give your outfit a refined, yet low-key feel. With luxury brands sending ball caps down their runways and style icons making caps indispensable in their wardrobe, the cap shouldn’t be overlooked as a must have in your wardrobe too. 


Worn on the runway, on men and women, the beanie is becoming a common sight as a luxury accessory. Initially used by Navy Sailors to keep warm while keeping watch overnight, the Watch Cap, in particular, has migrated into an effective accessory for any outfit. Paired with jeans, hoody and a bomber jacket the watch cap is casual at it's core, however it has evolved into an essential part of sartorial styling when combined with overcoats and tailored trousers.



Back in the day, when hat wearing was required of every gentleman and dress codes were often strict, it would be difficult to find any man of status leaving home without one. One of the most elevated and classy accessories, the fedora is traditionally constructed of felt, features a pinch near the front and a shallow indented crown with a round brim. Classically paired with suit and tie, the fedora was a signature accessory for icons such as Frank Sinatra. Since then, the fedora has shown its versatility and could now be seen worn with denim and a slim fit shirt or a finely fitting twin set.



For centuries the Flat cap has established itself as a staple of mens fashion. The wearing only came about after a government mandate ordered non-noble men to wear a woollen hat on Sundays, the flat cap quickly became part of the uniform of the working man. Traditionally stylish, aristocracy began pairing with tweed suits and shooting jackets to take part in leisure activities. Typically crafted from wool or tweed, the flat cap is arguably the most adaptable hat and can be worn well with just about anything.

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