A look back at The Notorious style of B.I.G

A look back at The Notorious style of B.I.G

With an ability to think outside of the box, Biggie pioneered several trends that defined the look of 90’s Hip-Hop. From Versace glasses to Coogi sweaters, Biggie ushered in a new wave of refined style.

Oversized denim was synonymous with 90’s Hip-Hop artists and none more so than Notorious BIG. A big supporter of the streetwear brand Karl Kani, the originator of baggy jeans, Biggie was not only wearing them he was rapping about them… “So recognise the d*** size in these Karl Kani Jeans, I wear thirteens know what I mean”. Frequently paired with Army jackets and Timberland boots, the Karl Kani Jeans were a staple of Biggie’s style.

Perhaps the most iconic item in Biggie’s fashion legacy is the COOGI Sweater. An Australian Knitwear brand more accustomed to the country club. Biggie took inspiration from a neighbourhood kid, Walt G, who he would often party with. Wearing Coogi and Kangol, Big fell in love with his style. “If you weren’t Bill Cosby or just a rich mother****** from Australia playing golf, nobody knew about COOGI” (Groovey Lew)- That was until Big opened up the brand to a whole new market.

Showing a total disregard for boundaries, Biggie reinvented the turtleneck from its 70’s hangover. Whether it was worn with a BAPE camo or a double breasted overcoat, not only was Big versatile, he was introducing luxury to the Hip-Hop scene.

Big’s affinity for luxury brands, in particular Versace, was evident. Not only was he rarely seen without wearing his trademark Medusa shades, the sight of Biggie in a colourful silk shirt was a regular occurrence. Not familiar with the size of customer, the luxury fashion label would quite often tailor shirts specifically for him, something which was unheard of in the Hip-Hop world.

The final era in Biggie’s style took a change of direction, with him often choosing a Mafioso inspired look, pairing three-piece suits with a fedora and gold cane.



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